Having a Peaceful Heart in a Complex World
by Ven. Thubten Chodron©
Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore
27 Oct 2006

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"What it boils down to is this: If we want to be happy, develop a heart of loving compassion that really cherishes other beings and then act from that space of compassion in our lives."

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Oct 2006

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Oct 2006

Part 1 [34 min] : Download

Breath Meditation & being content
Cultivating a positive motivation for listening to the teaching.
Bodhicitta is the source of all happiness now and in the future. How to overcome the feeling of loneliness; Feeling connected with others and developing satisfactory relationships; There is some kindness in each and every living being no matter who they are; Reflecting on the kindness we have received; Getting along with others – how to let go of our high and unrealistic expectations of people; Complaining – does it bring happiness or problems?; Transform our own mind first rather than wait for others to change; Worrying – is it helpful? Taking responsibility for what is within our control but not what is beyond our control; What it all boils down to: If we want to be happy, develop a heart of loving compassion that really cherishes other beings and then act from that space of compassion in our lives.


Part 2 - Cont'd [28 min] : Download


Part 3 [38 min] : Download

Questions and answers:

  • What can we do to purify the breaking of precepts?
  • Is our mind conditioned from the day we are born or do we have past karma that conditions our mind?
  • Could you elaborate on the process of letting go? See transcript.
  • What can we do to somebody who badmouths us even though we try our very best to be nice to them and say nice things to them?
  • How can I let go of the past that has been making me suffer for many years? See transcript.
  • I’m afraid that if I choose to be kind or compassionate to others, I’ll expect them to be the same to me. If they don’t reciprocate, I’ll feel disappointed and upset. See transcript.
  • When somebody is angry with you, how do you act with love and compassion? Do you forgive the other person for being angry?
  • Please explain the difference between the motivation of aiming for liberation and that of aiming for enlightenment.
  • How do we resolve a conflict when Party A decides on one decision and Party B decides on a totally different solution?
  • What can we do if we smile at somebody but he or she doesn’t smile back? See transcript.
  • How do we practice loving kindness towards someone who is constantly hostile?

Meditation & Dedication of Positive Potential.



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