Improving Our Relationships with Family Members, Friends and Colleagues
by Venerable Thubten Chodron©
at Singapore Expo Conference Hall
Fri, 26 Oct 2001

[RealAudio files]

Self-centredness vs Cherishing others.
Practical Ways to Improve Relationships Part I: Ethics, Basic Human Manners
[22 minutes] : Download | Listen

Part II: Good Communication, Forgiving Others.
[22 minutes] : Download | Listen

Part III: Apologising, Making it known that we value the Relationship. [15 minutes] : Download | Listen

Question & Answer session [24 minutes] : Download | Listen

Questions covered (Start-time for each question is indicated at the end):

  • If somebody whom we love has passed away, is there a way to communicate with them and tell them we love them? How can we help them in their next rebirth? 0:00
  • The friendship is broken; our friends don't want to see us or talk to us. What can we do? 2:07
  • How do we (especially the families of the victims) forgive the terrorists who had killed so many people during the attack on Sep 11? 3:10
  • How does one prevent love and concern for others from turning into attachment? 9:06
  • If we talk about forgiving the terrorists, then how do we justify retaliation? 11:52
  • How can someone forgive someone who has raped them and made their whole life miserable? 14:23
  • How to communicate a different point of view to one's boss without displeasing them. 17:33
  • When we are hurt and angry because we feel that we have been mistreated, what are the techniques to deal with it? 19:52


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