Preparing the Mind for Tonglen Practice
Venerable Thubten Chodron ©
Emaho Center, Scottsdale, Arizona USA
14 September 2005

The following is from a talk given at Emaho Center in Scottsdale, Arizona ( on how to prepare for the Tonglen practice. A short breathing meditation in which Venerable talked about the critical mind has been added to the Meditation page.

Part 1 [13 min] Download mp3 file

Before we begin tonglen practice, it is important to meditate on equanimity. At the present, because of our extreme emotional reactions to people and the categories we have created of friend, enemy, and stranger, we do not have much peace. We need to develop equanimity, which is not a feeling of indifference toward others, but rather a feeling of whole-hearted concern toward them.

Part 2 [35 min] Download mp3 file

Also, before we do tonglen, we want to see sentient beings' kindness. On that basis we can develop love.

Part 3 Q&A [3 min] Download mp3 file

What should we do about people who are in public service who are not really serving the public?

Part 4 Q&A [4 min] Download mp3 file

What is love? is it wishing others happiness? And then, what IS happiness?

Part 5 Q&A [5 min] Download mp3 file

Dealing with the inner brat: how to be happy when you can't get what you really want. Venerable talks about an experience in her prison work.

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