Dealing with Emotions

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In the course of one day, we experience so many emotions. Some, such as genuine love and compassion, are valuable. Others, such as attachment, anger, closed-mindedness, pride and jealously, disturb our mental peace and lead us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. These pieces help us to examine our disturbing attitudes and negative emotions and to explore some antidotes to pacify and transform them.


How to Live Without Fear and Worry
by Venerable Thubten Chodron©
Kreta Ayer People's Theatre, Singapore
Fri, 8 Nov 2002

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Fear and worry - what are they?
Fears and worries of a parent - how to deal with these
Other ways to deal with fear and worry

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Other ways to deal with fear and worry - cont'd
[21 min] : Download | Listen

Importance of application
Questions and answers

[22 min] : Download | Listen

Questions & answers - cont'd
Conclusion Meditation
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Questions asked:

  • About allowing people to cut queue.
  • How to control anger.
  • How to help children who have great fear that their parents are going to die?
  • How do we watch our mind to see if we're progressing positively when we practice?
  • How do we deal with the fear of making a wrong decision which could endanger somebody's life?
  • Can we chant for fear and worry to leave our mind?
  • Is working in a drug manufacturing company that does animal testing a right livelihood?
  • Where do we go after we die?
  • Compassion as antidote to fear and worry - is this the same as developing perspective?
  • How do I develop compassion for people who lack compassion?
  • My son is converting to Christianity. Should I respect his decision?
  • How does one differentiate suffering caused by past karma from that caused by present actions?
  • People deserve to live in fear and worry because they create the bad karma themselves, and karma cannot be changed. Please comment.
  • About dealing with a maid who steals.
  • How can we live in the present and still make plans for the future?
  • If we try to be kind to people we don't like, aren't we being hypocritical? But if we ignore them, aren't we being unkind?
  • Learning to deal with our fears and worries helps us to progress, therefore we should create more fear and worry. Please comment.
  • What's your view on the use of anti-anxiety drugs which doctors sometimes prescribe to reduce fear and worry?


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