Dealing with Emotions

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In the course of one day, we experience so many emotions. Some, such as genuine love and compassion, are valuable. Others, such as attachment, anger, closed-mindedness, pride and jealously, disturb our mental peace and lead us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. These pieces help us to examine our disturbing attitudes and negative emotions and to explore some antidotes to pacify and transform them.


The Love That Empowers Your Life
by Venerable Thubten Chodron©
Nanyang Technological University Buddhist Society, Singapore
Tue, 12 Nov 2002

Ven. Chodron with the organizers of the talk


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World peace cannot be brought about by hostility. How do we develop love in situations of conflict? What is love? Differentiating love from attachment. Friend, enemy and stranger - arbitrary and subjective labels created by the self-centered mind.
[19 min] : Download | Listen

How to develop an equal-hearted openness towards others. Overcoming the judgmental attitude. Ven. shares her experiences from meeting with different people in her travels.
[14 min] : Download | Listen

Seeing everybody as having been kind to us. What about Osama bin Laden? [23 min] : Download | Listen

Ven. shares her experiences working with prisoners.
[15 min] : Download | Listen

Questions and answers. Concluding remarks.
[25 min] : Download | Listen

Questions asked:

  • Showing loving-kindness towards animals by being vegetarian - what is your view on this?
  • I purchase cat food to feed stray cats. This food contains meat and meat by-products. Do I break the first precept not to kill since I'm indirectly causing the death of these animals?
  • What is the view of Buddhism on abortion?
  • When people in the family have disputes and don't talk to one another, how can we help to rebuild the relationships?
  • How do we deal with office politics?
  • I know that some of my thoughts are wrong, but I can't control them.
  • How can I be happy? What's the best way to be happy?
  • You talked about the importance of thinking of the kindness of others. But it is impossible for a person to think of that if he/she is facing many difficulties in his/her life, eg. broken family, not doing well in school or at work, being unpopular, rejected by friends. How can we help them?
  • What is the view of Buddhism on homosexuality?


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