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Morning teachings at Sravasti Abbey.

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Video Clip on Sravasti Abbey.


Interview with Ven. Chodron (7 min): Dec 2007, Pagoda Phat Hue, Germany.

  • What attracted you to Buddhism?
  • Why did you become a nun?
  • How is it being a Western nun?
  • The issue of gender equality and why Sravasti Abbey was set up.


Instruction videos on prostrations from Ven. Chodron (right click to download):
1. Instructions (3 min) (Windows Media - 16 MB)
2. Demonstration (5 min) (Windows Media - 29.8 MB)
( Teleconferences with Venerable Chodron on the practice of Prostrations from Afar are available in mp3 audio. )


Our Precious Human Life (61 min) . 4 Jan 2004, Than Hsiang Temple, Penang, Malaysia.


Spiritual Motivation (116 min) . Dec 2007, Pagoda Phat Hue, Germany.


Creating Peace in a Chaotic World - Part 1 of 2 (97 min). 21 Dec 2007, Pagoda Phat Hue, Germany.

  • Overcoming the self-critical mind; Developing contentment with what we have, who we are and what we’re doing; Accepting ourselves now while aspiring to actualize our potential in the future – these two are not contradictory; Slowing down and connecting with the people around us.
  • Q&A:
    - How can we love a boss who is not very nice?
    - How do we make our Dharma understanding move from the head to the heart?
    - What will happen to my career and progress if I’m happy and content with what I am now?
    - How do we deal with feeling hurt and rejected when we don’t get the appreciation, applause and acknowledgement that we seek?
    - Could you tell us about your plans for Sravasti Abbey in the upcoming year?
    - Are feelings a kind of suffering? If they are, then since equanimity is a kind of feeling, then is equanimity also a kind of suffering?


Creating Peace in a Chaotic World - Part 2 of 2 (99 min). 22 Dec 2007, Pagoda Phat Hue, Germany.

  • We have to practice ourselves. Nobody can do it for us.
  • If the Buddha’s teachings were to be summarised in a slogan, it will be ‘Dependent Arising’.
  • The judgemental mind and its antidote: contemplating the kindness of others.

Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron Interviewed by Buddhist Television Network


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